For the travel plans within Germany we recommend using the The connection search engine of the rail company comprises urban public transport and taxis. It will also show any delays and cancellations. You can choose between seven languages at the dropdown menus on the top of the page.


Getting to Tübingen

By rail:

When viable, we urge you to take a train to travel to Tübingen. There are around seven different connections an hour from the Stuttgart main train station. We recommend the direct trains RE and IRE.


By plane:

From Stuttgart Airport:

We recommend taking the Bus 828 from the airport bus terminal. The journey takes about one hour and the fare is about 7,50 Euro (May 2020).

You can also take the train: It will take one to two hours depending on a connection and will costs about 12 Euro (May 2020). As one needs to change the trains at least once, we only recomend this option for an adventurous traveller.

You can also take a Taxi to Tübingen for a price of around 70-80 Euro (May 2020).


From Frankfurt Airport:

Note that Frankfurt Airport has two train stations: A regional train station (Regionalbahnhof) and a long-distance station (Fernbahnhof). Take the high-speed train (ICE or IC) from the Fernbahnhof. You will need to change trains at least once and it will take you around three hours.

For the budget traveller there is the option of taking a long-distance bus to Tübingen. Check for connections.